NOBEL prize for traditional Eastern Medicine

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Chinese woman wins medical NOBEL prize without being a doctor.

Tu Youyou has become the first Chinese woman to win a Nobel Prize, for her work in helping to create an anti-malaria medicine. The 84-year-old's route to the honour has been anything but traditional.

She won the Nobel Prize for medicine, but she doesn't have a medical degree or a PhD

Tu Youyou attended a pharmacology school in Beijing. Shortly after, she became a researcher at the Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine. 

In China, she is being called the "three noes" winner: no medical degree, no doctorate, and she's never worked overseas. 

In 1967, malaria spread by mosquitoes was decimating Chinese soldiers fighting Americans in the jungles of northern Vietnam. 

A secret research unit was formed to find a cure for the illness. 

Two years later,  she was dispatched to the southern Chinese island of Hainan to study how malaria threatened human health. 

Ancient Chinese texts inspired Tu Youyou's search for her Nobel-prize winning medicine

When she started her search for an anti-malarial drug, over 240,000 compounds around the world had already been tested, without any success. 

Finally, the team found a brief reference to one substance, sweet wormwood, which had been used to treat malaria in China around 400 AD.

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